Coloring Pages of Dot to Dot Connection

July 26, 2016

Coloring Pages of Dot to Dot Connection : Dot to dot or connect the dot is the simple puzzles in which sequence of number is given. Outline of an object is revealed when a line is drawn by connecting the dots. Connect the dots is like a game which is used by children for their enjoyment. Dot to dot connection is done by students in which some numbers are given in sequence and child has to join these numbers by making a line. After joining all dots, a picture is established. Then kids use these pages for coloring, so these are a dot to dot coloring pages.

Kids coloring pages are types of pages in which printing draws a picture, and this photo cannot contain any color between its lines. Children have to fill colors in these pages. It is up to children that which color they like the most. But in the dot to dot pages first, they have to connect all dots after that only they can see the picture correctly.


So in this picture, you can recognize the only two tents and way going out from the tent. Instead of its picture is tough to recognize. So you should draw a picture first. Don’t panic kids; the draw means you have to join the dots first and then automatically picture will reveal. By looking this picture, you can think that this difficult for your child if you are finding for them. But guys this is not so much difficult. Your child will quickly solve this puzzle.


From these printable coloring sheets your baby can take ideas what it is. When can guess the picture before completing it then they enjoy more because of their intelligence. So soon fulfill this picture and enjoy its coloring.

Coloring Pages of Dot to Dot Connection

If your child is demanding coloring pages and you are given these pages after taking a promise from them that they will read maths also work after it, because your baby is safe at drawing and weak in maths. Then friends we have a better idea for you by which your child start taking an interest in it that is a dot to dot connection. By using these pages, they learn counting automatically, and you don’t have to take tension for them.



There is one more advantage of this type of picture that by these Dot Coloring Pages your child able to learn more easily counting. If he is weak in maths and for him, it ‘s hard to remember about counting, then you should give this type of picture. They will take an interest in it and also learn to count easily while connecting the

In this Dot Coloring Pages as you see there is one eye on the numbers but for knowing about Whose eye is this then you have to complete it. Puzzles are of many types but for kids dot to dot, puzzles are good in which they don’t have to face more difficulties, and these are according to their age. You can’t give them more complicated pages before their standard. If they are useful in these pages then you should give them mazes but only those which are simple for them, only for a change.


This is very simple Dot Coloring Pages for 1st class students in which they can easily recognize the horse and try to complete it. After finishing their picture, they can fill color in it which they think is the color of the horse. Numbers are started from 1 and ending on 42 which is not so much far from one. So they can consummate the picture with ease.Dot to Dot Coloring Pages

Let them explore them their ideas and having fun with our coloring pages this year by browsing it.


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